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Are Easter Lily Plants Toxic to my Cat?

Are Easter Lily Plants Toxic to my Cat?
All parts of the Easter Lily plant are toxic to cats and even a small amount of ingestion - less than one leaf or a small amount of the pollen- can cause clinical signs, can lead to kidney failure and death.  Clinical signs of kidney failure are lethargy, dehydration, poor appetite, vomiting, and increased or decreased urination.  Treatment goals include decontamination and fluid therapy.

Some cats like to chew on plants so please remove all Lily plants from the house if you are a cat owner. Other lily plants such as true lilies and day lilies are also toxic. Fortunately, dogs are not affected by the toxin in lily plants.

Here is a link to ASPCA poison control hotline:            https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control          or click for more information below.

Have a safe and blessed Easter! 

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