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Complete Pet Diagnostics serving West New York, Hoboken & Fort Lee areas
Our Pet Diagnostic Tools & Testing Provide You With Options, Not Assumptions

When your pet needs veterinary care, having access to the right doctors and tools are critical. Through the use of our in-house and send-out laboratories, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and testing, we are able to provide more accurate and accelerated diagnoses and treatment in the care of companion animals. As a result, our patients know they can always count on us for all of their pet’s medical and surgical needs, no matter how big or small. We also have access to many board-certified specialists as needed.

Our diagnostic services include:

On-site radiography—Through the use of radiographs (also referred to as X-rays), we are able to quickly view the internal organs of your pet. Radiographic studies are excellent for evaluating heart size, lungs, abdomen, stomach and intestinal foreign bodies, bladder and kidney stones, and bone.

Electrocardiography (EKG)—EKG allows us to monitor your pet’s heart activity and diagnose any abnormalities in heart rhythms (cardiac arrhythmia) that may be associated with a number of medical conditions.

Doppler blood pressure—Humans typically suffer from high blood pressure due to cardiovascular disease and diet. However, hypertension in animals can also be a secondary problem from kidney, thyroid, and adrenal disease. Through the use of noninvasive blood pressure equipment, we can easily measure blood pressure in animals. Blood pressure monitoring is also helpful when general anesthesia is administered.

Referral for Ultrasound—Ultrasound is a powerful and noninvasive tool used to obtain images of internal organs. Ultrasound is an excellent tool to check for fluid build up, enlarged organs, and tumors. We also have access to board-certified imaging specialists as needed.

Referral for Endoscopy—Often used to diagnose stomach and esophageal ulcers, endoscopy is a procedure that involves using a flexible, fiber optic tube about a ¼ to ½ inch in diameter to evaluate internal organs like the stomach and the intestines, as well as the airways.

Laboratory—When test results are needed right away, we use our own in-house laboratory, which includes blood testing capability and microscopic examination. Our blood test panels include kidney, liver, pancreas, glucose, cholesterol, thyroid, electrolytes, and so on, as well as red and white blood cell counts. We also send samples to outside laboratories for special tests.

Pharmacy—We offer a full–service/full–line veterinary pharmacy stocked with pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and prescription foods. If we don’t have something, we can order and receive it usually within 24–48 hours. We can also change some medications into flavored liquids or transdermals for easier administration.