Top 10 Summer Pet Care Tips: Keeping Your Pets Cool and Safe

Summer in Edgewater, NJ, is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors with your furry friends. However, the heat can pose some challenges for pet owners. At Edgewater Animal Hospital, we want to ensure your pets stay safe, cool, and healthy during the summer months. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Hydration is Key

Just like humans, pets need plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially in the heat. Always ensure your pets have access to fresh, clean water. When going out, bring a portable water bottle and a bowl for your pet.

2. Avoid Overheating

Pets can overheat quickly, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Try to schedule walks and outdoor playtime for early mornings or late evenings when temperatures are cooler. Be mindful of the signs of overheating, such as excessive panting, drooling, or lethargy. If you suspect your pet is overheated, move them to a cooler place and offer small amounts of water.

3. Provide Shade and Ventilation

If your pets spend a lot of time outside, make sure they have access to shaded areas and well-ventilated spaces. A cooling mat or a kiddie pool filled with water can also provide relief from the heat.

4. Watch Out for Hot Surfaces

Hot pavement, sand, and asphalt can burn your pet’s paws. Before heading out for a walk, check the ground temperature with your hand. If it’s too hot for you to touch, it’s too hot for your pet. Consider walking on grass or using pet booties to protect their paws.

5. Never Leave Pets in a Parked Car

Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a parked car can rise rapidly and become deadly within minutes. It’s best to leave your pets at home if you need to run errands.

6. Protect Against Pests

Summer is peak season for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, which can carry harmful diseases. Ensure your pets are up-to-date on their preventative medications. Regularly check for ticks, especially after hikes or outdoor activities.

7. Grooming and Coat Care

Regular grooming helps keep your pet’s coat clean and free of mats, which can trap heat. However, avoid shaving your pet’s fur completely, as their coat also provides protection from the sun.

8. Water Safety

If you plan to take your pet swimming, always supervise them. Not all dogs are natural swimmers. Provide a life vest for added safety, and rinse off any chlorine or saltwater after a swim to prevent skin irritation.

9. Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is crucial for maintaining your pet’s health. During summer, pets might have a reduced appetite, so offer smaller, more frequent meals. Avoid feeding them spoiled food from picnics or barbecues, which can cause digestive issues.

10. Regular Vet Check-Ups

Summer is an excellent time for a wellness check-up. Schedule an appointment with Edgewater Animal Hospital to ensure your pet is healthy and to discuss any summer-specific concerns you may have.


By following these summer pet care tips, you can ensure that your furry friends stay safe, healthy, and comfortable during the warm months. At Edgewater Animal Hospital, we’re here to support you and your pets with all their healthcare needs. Reach out to us today if you need anything. Have a happy and safe summer!